How do I transfer hookups for washer and electric dryer?

How do I transfer hookups for washer and electric dryer?

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Our washer and dryer hookups can be found out of reach, 40″ behind the devices. These are typically installed on what, inside the 1940’s, had been the exterior area of an exterior wall surface of a-one story quarters. Something now the den and laundry area turned into a carport eventually, next a garage, subsequently a den and laundry place with an attached storage continuing the growth. Eventually, a dormer got created, and also the stairs added. I have been right here 4 ages.

I am going to be moving them, probably to the left side wall, but probably beneath the staircase (adding an 8 or 10″ sofit of types) or perhaps to the wall behind the dryer. One 110V, one 220V, hot/cold water traces, and strain. Wanting guides and possible trip-ups.

The washer and dryer and hot water heater will remain like in the images.

Listed here are two more pics of the thing I’m dealing with. Initial shows the prevailing hook ups under the steps. The second pic shows the (indoor) leftover wall structure. On the reverse side of it was the den.

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I might exploit they through getting a dryer, or top load washer, which has settings on the top versus back. After that push the entire unit to the convenient recess. Switch one other product 90 qualifications using its back once again to water heater, and simpler exchanges also.

On the other hand, they generate washer+dryer combination units in the same kind factor as a top weight washer alone.